How Do Potholes Damage Your Vehicle?

February 2nd, 2015
It’s peak pothole season out there and no one is immune to their sneaky destruction. We’ve all hit them at some point, and every time it happens, you see it only a second before it gets you, often too late to miss it. These little road hazards lay in wait, with their dips, bumps, and sharp toothy edges, just waiting to ruin your day. They can cause a sudden jolt all the way up to a blown tire.  And, I hate to report, they aren’t disappearing any time soon. Potholes are every tire’s sworn enemies. Many of us are passionate about potholes, as we have personally sacrificed many hubcaps to them over the years. 
The way that potholes work is that roads will freeze and thaw causing erosion of the dirt beneath the pavement.  This weakens the asphalt in the process. Add frequent traffic to the mix, and the road begins to crumble. Eventually, the street erodes even more and develops a crater we know as a pothole ...[more]
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Winter Tires MA

November 12th, 2014

Winter is almost here! Have you checked your tire tread lately? With all the upcoming Holiday Parties, Trips to Grandma's House, and last minute shopping your car will be on the road more than ever and you want to keep it that way!  Just because its snowing outside doesn't mean you have to be stuck inside and not getting your busy holiday list crossed off! Come on down to Roland's Tire Service and let the guys put on a new set of snow tires to ensure you will be able to make it to all your upcoming Holiday fun! We carry a large amount of snow tires for most vehicles. We also have two locations for your convience, Fairhaven and Somerset MA. Give us a call or stop by today. 

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Roland's Tire Service Hankook Rebate

September 2nd, 2014

Winter is coming quickly! Better get some new tires on your vehicle!! Come on down to Roland's Tire Service in Somerset, MA or Fairhaven, MA for some great manufacturer rebates! We are currently offering a great rebate on Hankook tires MA when you buy 4 select tires you can receive up to and $80 rebate!! As always let us at Roland's Tire Service take care of any of your tire needs! 

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